Stromspartipps For The Warm Months

As summer money saving can be in summer temperatures rises usually also the energy consumption in the households. Refrigerator, fans and air conditioners provide for high energy consumption and high cost. The consumer portal gives tips on how to save energy. Consumers can save a lot of power for example, if the refrigerator is a correctly – positioned. Typically, temperatures of about seven to eight degrees Celsius for the fridge and? 18 sufficient degrees for the freezer. Also, the fridge not right next to a source of heat such as a stove or an oven should be. A preferably cool and shaded location is best. Regular defrosting and full loading also help to reduce the demand for electricity.

In addition, there are many other ways to save money in the budget. In the summer it is for example, refrain from the dryer and dry the laundry in the open. In this way, can Electricity costs consumers up to 60 euros. As in the fridge, care should be taken in air-conditioning units to the correct setting. The equipment should cool down the room temperature to about six to eight degrees below the ambient temperature.

Electrical appliances such as stereos or DVD players offer further savings potential. You consistently completely turns off these devices, for example with a switchable power strip, rather than to put them in stand-by mode, up to 90 euros can be saved per year. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann