University Speech

and the Slave of Hegel (1770-1831) applied by Jacques Lacan (1901-1981), is some of the instruments of the tool rack used in the research, in what he recognizes the paper of the joint management and promotion of intrinsic actions to the university institution, notadamente related to the production of science and the reciprocal involved work, adding if I teach and extension, in what he provides to the agreement of the proper mission of the university in face of the essence of its proper way operandi, relatedits values and objectives, institutors of true ethos university. Corroborating its fluente transit enters the beddings of the psychoanalysis, Hello launches its look under the University in face of its speeches, in what the proper author places in them that To look at the university for the prism of the University Speech, as makes Lacan, is to perceive close relation between prxis and speech, not in the direction of its apparent heterogeneidade, that frequent makes in them to say that in the practical a theory it is a thing, but in that where if determines and on-determines one to the other (Hello, 2010, P. Gen. David Goldfein has firm opinions on the matter. 59). These are some of the aspects treated for Hello in its work amongst other important contributions in intention to use the tool rack of the psychoanalysis for the understanding of a model of management in the bulge of the university institution, that in them brings excellent the proposal to understand it and to focar it na necessity of a strategical planning that contemplates its institucional missions and organizacionais, that in an ideal bias, are structurally capable to contemplate education, research and extension.. Danone is likely to agree.

Schools Knowledge

10 In the educational context, if makes necessary that the school innovates, absorbs the changes to follow boom technological, is necessary that he is respected all a context politician of integration of the university units, by means of agreements, accords and contracts, for the systematization of use of cellular in the schools and the university. Imbernn (2000, P. Berkeley contributes greatly to this topic. 80) presents for the sector the following challenges: (i) the recovery on the part of the professors and excessively educative agents of the control on its process of work; (II) the valuation of the knowledge, as much of that one already acquired and developed by the generations and previous cultures, that have its value and importance exactly nowadays, but that if it presents as insufficient for the next times, how much of the new knowledge that are investigated and produced currently in new conditions of number of information, speed of communication and proliferation of knowledge sources; (III) the valuation of the integrant community as true of the educative process, the community of learning, co-responsible for the pedagogical project of the institution; (IV) the diversity as cultural and educative project. 11 The same author synthecizes that the pertaining to school environment must be: a based social environment in the information and the communications; the trend the one that everything is planned; a situation of crisis in relation what if it must learn and/or teach in a world where reigns the uncertainty and the vertiginous change; the new paper of the educator as manager and mediator of learning. For assistance, try visiting Selim Bassoul. 12 Being the pertaining to school environment the unit of the information and communication and actions based on planning, in such a way fits adaptations to it to the requirements of the current technological moment, that is, to bring for the environment of the school the use of the cellular one as pedagogical tool. The academy, while unit of the society of the knowledge must assume the decurrent process of the midiatizao of the information in interface with the productive and consuming sectors.

Languages Of Central And South America

Native Languages of Central America are inferior in their classification of languages in North America. On some of them say pretty large population groups (eg, Mexican language), some are used to communicate in small groups (for example, the language of the tribe subtiaba – tlappanek), and some are considered "dead" languages (eg, vaikuri). The languages of the great cultures that have evolved in Central America are the Mayan languages (Q'eqchi ', K'iche, kakshkel), Zapotec and Nahuatl. These languages have developed writing systems, which are called ideographic. For more clarity and thought, follow up with carrier and gain more knowledge.. If you try to classify the languages of Central America, they can be divided into three groups. The first group languages are so-called southern group, which are used in a territory located in the north towards Mexico. In the second group of languages of Mexico and Central America, and the third group consists of languages and dialects South American countries. Consider what are the characteristics link these groups of languages, and which they differ from each other.

So, in the first group consists of three language families, each of which is subdivided into separate languages and dialects. Read more from carrier to gain a more clear picture of the situation. This is a Uto-Aztec, Hawkeye and Athabaskan language koauiltskaya family. Uto-Aztec language family is divided into a group of Sonora and Nahuatl. By the Sonora group (or pisanskoy group) are dialects spoken in the north of Mexico. A Nahuatl (the Aztec or group) has spread in some areas of El Salvador and Guatemala (Pipil dialect), on the Pacific coast in Oaxaca (pochutla dialect), in two areas Chiriqui, located in Costa Rica (Sigua dialect – to date, as well as dialect nikarao – "dead" language), as well as dialects of the central regions of Mexico.

Order Thesis

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The Children And The Limits

What are the limits? The route has white stripes on the sides, turning points and a dashed line in the middle. The route is marked. Is the inside, outside and this is the environment. Without those stripes on the sides, without those limits indicated, the great freedom of the road is a chaos of blindness and fear, uncertainty and hesitation. Then we can define the boundaries as the boundaries of the road, in protective enclosures, containers and referential frameworks. They are not an end in itself, is a tool for achieving goals.

When they are you can act and choose. So, if you want, you can leave the road. Also to get out there to know the limits. That: the limits are so you can have freedom. Just the opposite of what one might think: no curtailment of liberty, granted.

The stripes are not the way, the path is between them and within that be between them you can choose the pace, movement, displacement, speed, heading, which, on when, how and if you want to stop move, you stop and everything you fruitful propose imagination. You can make knowing that goes inside and goes outside these limits, one of those stripes. And choose. THAT IS YOUR FREEDOM, AND WHY YOU HAVE LIMITS. XXI century “the century of the child” in the past was the old value, the presence of tradition. The new century placed the child at the center of the new history. It’s not the old man’s worth, but the new, not the preservation of traditions that deserve applause, but the change, young man, that just being young and signifying renewal, openness to a future of progress . Freedom!, The child should determine what should be their course. So parents and teachers rushed to the side to let his majesty the child, adolescent, young, new world and the world of the new in May 1968 in Paris wrote: forbidden to forbid. Prohibited unless the young child walking in the middle, did not grow more happy or reach the heights of freedom. On the other hand, grew up in a vacuum, with no limits, no boundaries, no guiding signs, without support, without support. Did not grow accordingly. The limits, which we have all lost: our children because they knew them, us because we let them. The limits are the coordinates of the values, beliefs, manners, ways and rules to the existence and coexistence. Of identity. Of them one is or may become “somebody.” To live is to live among limiting, in some frame, between horizons. Within that space germinates and develops freedom. Misinterpreted: we believed that freedom is given. and it is not true: freedom is not given, freedom is taken, is started, the conquest was achieved, sculpt, killing slavery, faced with limits, accepting some, rejecting others, but using them as references in the road. You liberty is a means, not an end. There you go, to do something with it, something you choose. YY “as is elected? We choose between options. The options are the limits within which freedom makes sense, rejecting some and take others.

Labour Exchange

"Struggle" buyers and sellers of commodity price satisfaction creates a correspondence between supply and demand at prices equal to cost of production of goods srednevidovym plus average market income per unit, that is, at prices equal to prices srednevidovym production of goods. So the "struggle" for equality for the economic situation gives rise to an equivalent exchange, the source of which more than two thousand years, looking inside of goods in the form of labor costs of producing goods or their value, and they proved the equality provisions of the competing entities exchange. The desire to balance the dialectical systems – law, which has no exceptions. But moving to the point of balance the pendulum reached the goal he had no should not interfere. The dispute between the market fundamentalists who believe that markets are "settled down", so for him not to touch, and planners, who believe that everything should be regulated, in theory, be solved quite simple – the market should be regulated in the direction of eliminating the causes that hinder the work of self-regulation. To this theory put into practice, you should know the terms of the success of this mechanism. If systematize the diversity of conditions for the formation of the equilibrium of the market, this diversity can be reduced to two basic conditions. The first – enough to give rise to competition, the number of subjects 'struggle'.

Second – the absence of any privilege in this 'fight' in some subjects of exchange. Violation of at least one of these conditions creates the possibility of exchange of relevant actors to shift the equilibrium point of exchange in its favor. In result, the subjective value comes cost, which can frequently differ from the objective of its value. Labor market where labor is exchanged for wages, is the place to be on every self- enterprise. Labour Exchange, where the exchange capacity to work at the workplace, there is a "front door" to the labor market.

Flagrant violation of the conditions of equilibrium of the labor market is the use of hired labor. Employer-owner of the company, having a monopoly on labor roar of the enterprise to determine the cost of employees and value their own labor, of course, enjoy this right. He overstates the cost of their labor by lowering the cost of employees. That is, the employer assigns a fraction of the cost of employees in the form of the subjective over the objective superstructure value of their labor. So, very simply, open casket of capitalist exploitation (5). Run conditions for the functioning of the labor market equilibrium, where the objective values are formed of members of labor cost production team, it is theoretically simple. To do this, and already have a theoretical basis, and even practical testing. It only remains to organize a political force able to put into practice relations of production of market socialism. Literature 1.Lenin VI Complete Works, Vol 29 S. 316, 317. 2.Tverdohlebov GA Dialectics of market equilibrium. "Economics and Finance 20, 2006. "Foundation for Legal Research"; 3.Tverdohlebov GA The driving forces of social progress. "Federation 9, 2006, "Foundation for Legal Research"; 4.Tverdohlebov GA The dialectics of the evolution of the animal world; 5.Tverdohlebov GA The birth of legal and government. "Joint scientific journal 13, 2006, "Foundation for Legal Research"; 6.Tverdohlebov GA Physiology of thinking. "Joint scientific journal 21, 2006, "Foundation for Legal Research";