Soviet Train

Pity conductor habitually violating customs law gave people the opportunity to go into the working platform. The sight was stunning: tens of heads of the two sides stuck in the doorway, his lips burning hot wind trying to catch a jet of cold air. As a remotely resembling a long-standing Soviet era deportation or expulsion of non-Aryans in Nazi camps. According to the rules have been closed toilets. Then wrapping the passengers among them children, were forced to breathe the stench of filth and terrible filth.

By the way, the car is not cleaned even once for all time, a long road, sanitary norms were not followed, and the garbage has repeatedly and conductor for all observers threw out the window. Wanting to make a profit from passenger suffering trader drinks with a dining car (and I must say that trade was brisk in the train – you could buy everything from pens to mobile a new generation of phone), contrary to all rules of fire safety, clutter their impressive size trolley narrow passage. The culmination was the fact that one of the passengers rose sharply pressure, and there was a threat of loss of consciousness. Explorer (probably considers that a broken window – it's all he can to help) was not there, it was found in a nearby car-coupe in the service booth, surrounded by colleagues, sitting over a cup of some drink and air conditioning. What do we, the passengers, for whom, by definition, the conductor is responsible and must ensure the security and favorable conditions were abandoned in an emergency to fight the disorder? Show off the train Travel information (extracted from the Rules of passenger transport on railways) mockingly showed disturbance immediately a number of provisions. For example, Section 2, declaring that the railway employees' obligation to protect the safety of citizens, they create the necessary facilities, cultural and serve them on the journey, be polite and warning in an address to him ….