Zoo Nova

Zoo Nova is now to find animal fodder which is produced without animal testing and there are also vegan pet food in the range in which the ingredients are safe. More than 21 million pets in German households living there. Want everyone to send the best diet to his animal. But often what everything in the animal feed is included or what methods it is manufactured is an unaware. Animal feed without animal experiments there are some companies that manufacture animal feed, in which they make cruel animal experiments. This going, thus, keeping animals in inadequate conditions with any missing socialization.

It runs until that animals fail then, fed, to determine what impact this has on the digestive system and also on the entire organism. That animals be killed even after long nutrition of lack of. There are also manufacturers that do without animal experiments in their animal feed production and produce yet high-quality food. Vegan animal feed is legally regulated, that only animal by-products in the Feed manufacture may be used, which are safe for the people. Lately there are many meat scandals, so the question arises, what is it really about in animal feed is included and whether the ingredients actually are all safe. Who does not trust these ingredients, is an alternative to the commercial animal feed in vegan pet food. Cats and dogs are omnivores like humans.

All the nutrients required by an animal, are located in the food so it can be fed also vegan, no deficiency symptoms occur. A transition should take place in stages and the animals should be monitored closely if they tolerate. There are various manufacturers that offer vegan pet food and mix the nutrient ratios for each species. Who wants only the best for his animal and not quite the commercial food trust, find different alternatives at Zoo Nova. There are animal feed, which is produced without animal testing or the animals can be switched to a vegan diet. There are In addition to commercial products, many manufacturers for the welfare of the animals their food produce. In this online shop you will find a large range of this manufacturer.