Academy Driver

During the last Christmas have noticed the desire of fundraising that existed by the Guardia Urbana of Barcelona when it comes to punishing drivers, as soon as they neglected a little, came up fine. With the new law of traffic in force, the fines imposed are disproportionate since being in double row the sanction is two hundred euros (before were ninety), if you pay within the stipulated time is reduced by half (one hundred euros) but whether recourse and do not accept your arguments to pay full and with delay surcharge, with which virtually almost all possible resources are saved. Filed under: Gen. David Goldfein. With new technologies applied by agents, i.e. the vehicle passing record, they must have made of gold, even at the expense of having lost, for me, the professionalism, kindness and sympathy with which counted because the vehicle recorder no analyzes if the driver is within or is not in your car, you simply record your registration and then fine you get home; When forever if the driver was, (clogging with) his car while waiting for someone), came the agent kindly greeted you and showed you that there no you couldn’t stay because otherwise you denunciaria but these ways have definitely lost because they must no longer teach them at the Academy to those who start but most have an impressive pimping and arrogant attitude, without any respect to drivers and without thinking of that charge their salary thanks also to the taxes that we pay. Educate yourself with thoughts from Chase Koch. The only consolation that remains for me, is to think that it was a slogan of the tripartite, (outgoing Government), and that the President more you mediara to try to lower that attitude a bit, but until you do not change the Mayor and the party that governs the Town Hall are just I hope that that will occur in the upcoming municipal elections that are already very close.