Installation Of Metal

This guide provides all the necessary information on installation of the roof of metal. Before you begin installation, read these instructions. The figure shows the names of the parts of the roof the roof 1. Roofing films 2. Crate 3. Curtain bracket 4.

Metal 5. Snegoupornaya bar 6. Cross-outs 7. The internal junction 8. Seals 9.

Ridge plate 10. End plate 11. Wall spout 12. Downspout 13. Ladder 14. Catwalk Ventilation under roof deck metal tile roof accumulates under rising from the warm interior air, contributing to moisture condensation. This can be avoided by using structure in which warm air is cooled to ambient temperature without the occurrence of condensation. Prevents condensation and thorough insulation, drainage grooves on the roofing sheets and ventilation. For good reason the roof ventilation is done so that air can circulate freely from the eave to the ridge. Ventilation holes are placed on the highest points of the roof. Warehouses and cold attics aired through the end window. In very damp buildings, a more effective ventilation. On the roofs of buildings at the base installation under roof tiles left a gap (min. 50 mm) for ventilation gap between the lower surface of the roof and insulation material. To do this, pick up a crate of 50 mm to ventilate the underside of the pad. In order to prevent moisture from under the ridge on the crate, a skate set the seal strip. Fig. 5 ventilated by a roof ridge with the separation of air streams. The roof should give their ventilation air is always with the same hand, in order to ensure normal ventilation. In addition, it is necessary to avoid the appearance of condensation. The solution: the establishment of ridge board, which is part of the roof structure. Board installed on the ridge run, forming a separator between the two halves of the roof.