Universal Silicone Sealant

Some of the most difficult operating conditions for any building materials, including for sealants, are in the bathrooms and kitchens. High moisture, temperature extremes, mechanical load – all it takes the highest quality materials. With a sufficient volume of work should take advantage of a specialized silicone sealant universal. But what if suddenly there was a crack in the countertop by the sink, or in toilet cistern, suddenly the crack in the bathroom or kitchen? Right thing to do 'real' repair using specialized tools. A quick fix to a small 'accident' advise to take advantage universal sealant MAKROSIL AA or AX. Universal silicone composition has an almost complete set of specialized sanitary sealant properties, except for some smaller amount of anti-fungal additives, it will quickly and efficiently to provide 'first aid' in the bathroom and kitchen, close up the gap between the window and the wall, used for restoration of shallow false ceilings, wall coverings – with the appearance of repaired the surface is not affected.

Moisture and heat silicone transcend, in fact – with no water vapor can not cure them. Universal silicone sealants have a high adhesion properties – they are easily 'Stick' to almost any surface. All silicone sealants are different frost. Especially good they manifest themselves to the wood. Universal sealants have a high rate (compared with specialized sanitation) curing, film-forming and produce less shrinkage upon drying. Given the lack of time, these properties are sufficient advantage.

For example, when working in the country, while often limited, and the result is needed quickly. Nevertheless, even in these properties are in demand, such as insulation or glazing of balconies, loggias, installing exterior doors. Resistance to weather and temperature changes, high UV-resistant silicone makes the universal extremely convenient when working outdoors. Universal sealant is among the most inexpensive. Available in wide color range of the universal sealers: clear (colorless), white, beige, brown and black colors.