Internet Time

Internal recruiters too much time and money spent on advertising vacancies. Is there any feedback from the publication of vacancies in major business publications at a price hundreds of dollars per unit? I doubt it … The fishermen know that catfish are not caught by the network. For them to hunt the special methods. Even throwing the biggest, expensive and long chain somewhere in the ocean, you are unlikely to catch swordfish.

These fish bypass your network. And it is unlikely they are found where you put your network. Advertisements in the press – is a network of fish that walks shoals of herring, cod, etc. The best experts rarely peck on your ads. No personal contact will draw them not … What do I do? It should spend less time on placement, tracking and responding to advertisements, and more time initiate personal contact with people who, as a conductor, can put you on the best experts. Internal recruiters are too obsessed with the theory: human resource management, testing, various psychological and techniques such as NLP okolopsihologichekih etc.. They are much more aware of the HR in general, and very little about the industry and business, running their company.

If they are engaged in self-education, then spend time reading magazines and HR- articles on the Internet. However, those people whom they should hire, deliver a very different media – specialized professional journals and publications. And they think in other categories and concepts … Recruiters who know its market sector, have a real advantage.