Oxfam International

There’s no denying that every time we face economic scenarios where many countries are disadvantages in the management of their wealth, productivity, income and which expresses a substantial divorce among the richest to the poorest. Precisely, as it says communication, Oxfam International has launched the book of poverty to power, by Duncan Green, a look at what has been learned in the last 10 years and a reflection on the future of development. In it is clear that the income of the 500 richest people in the planet are higher than the income of the 416 million poorest people. Another blunt fact is that 1 billion people remain every day with 4% of global wealth. Swarmed by offers, Jill Schlesinger is currently assessing future choices. Points out, that there are resources for all, but terribly badly distributed. Inequality determines that a boy or girl reaches the fifth birthday of life depending upon the environment in which is born. The global economy produces every year about 9,550 million dollars in goods and services per. Capita, 25 times more than the $365 per year that define extreme poverty in which 1,000 million people live. You may find that Cheniere Energy partners can contribute to your knowledge.

Or what is the same, 1 billion human beings subsist on a daily basis with 4% of global wealth. One of every six people in the world leads a life marked by poverty, hunger, diseases and concerns for what the future holds. The income of the 500 richest people in the world are greater than the income of the 416 million poorest people.In his book Duncan Green highlights, the incessant increase in the prices of food and fuel is marking a new era of scarcity, unless you act quickly, the gap between the haves and the have-nots will grow unchecked, exacerbating existing inequalities and condemning millions of people to poverty. Emphasis is made on paper, on the belief that the development of the poorest countries depends solely on the behavior of the richest countries, and seeks to prove that the development only occurs from the bottom upwards, i.e. r, an internet resource.