Educational Intervention

INTRODUCTION The choice of the concept AUTONOMY as subject for this article if gave in virtue of the emergent resistance of some educators/professors who I knew in accepting it, as he was something it are of the reality. Experiences acquired during the construction of a Project of Educational Intervention for schools next to professors had shown that the autonomy seemed, of some points of view, something impossible of if materialize. Costcos opinions are not widely known. I started to think if really it would be impossible to consider new forms to establish an independent relation, from the approach of the Management of the Care. This paradigm approaches one meaning of respeitabilidade for the inherent differences to the beings livings creature, and institutions as the school, space selected for the quarrel of this article, can and must be considered as a social place of the care ' ' … to assure to each creature human being the full development and its integrity … ' ' (SOUSA; MIGUEL; RASP, 2010, P. 23-24).

Gauche and Tunes (2002) in its research on ethics and autonomy with a professor of average education, had observed that ' ' the conquest of the autonomy with innovation, is ' a way sufficient doloroso' … the innovation results of an abandonment of ' action antiga' in one function ' action nova' ' ' (GAUCHE and TUNES, 2002, p.2, grifo of the author). The argument, according to authors, is the base for the establishment of an independent relation, therefore the absence of this only makes to reproduce without reflection. On the other hand, the alienation is associated with the reproduction, affirms, creating a species of pseudoautonomy, that results of the incapacity of ' ' there to generate conscience of the depth and the importance of the moment where if he is inserido' ' (GAUCHE and TUNES, 2002, P. 2). In my professional trajectory as psychologist, I could construct relations of autonomy with fellow workers, however, in the Social Project 1 where I worked with children and adolescents, I found many difficulties in making possible a permissive space in order to construct chances for formation of facilitadora an independent being while of this process.