From under which the pipe? The initial use of the pipe can tell a lot about the buyer about its condition, but a full picture of it will not. In this lies the possibility of error when choosing or buying b / u tube blindly. If you can not see b / y pipe, the preliminary impression of the pipe can be obtained by comparing the bid price using the original b / y pipe. About: if the pipe is out of gas in the "average" is 18 000 rubles / ton., out of oil – 16000 rubles / ton, and from under the water 14 000 rubles / ton, if offered anything less, it is probably worse than the "average", and vice versa. With regard to the purchase b / a Pipe. Everything would be much easier, if not a huge number of intermediaries, which are very strongly attracted by the aftermarket pipes. Here the market can be divided into three groups.

The first group – people (organizations) that are directly owned b / a of pipeline (b / a branch, w / a whip), or they themselves with the contractors dismantling the pipe, and typically sell it to the field (from the disassembly). Accordingly, buying a tube of these people, you buy a tube of "first hand", and hence there and the price is lowest. The second group – is an infinite number of intermediaries, which tend to have information about the tube, but goes so far to go watch the tube, so as not to buy a "pig in a poke", they say that the pipe can not see, Referring to a photo, or that the pipe from the gas, and bad it can not be. In fact, it is not true, and sometimes arrived at the place of dismantling, you will see quite frankly, "scrap metal" instead of the promised ideal tube.