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The beauty, therefore, can reflect as a mirror the desire? this being then the imaginary dimension, that one that it immobilizes in the idealizao and it hinders the desire. But it has the ultraticket that, as it is followed in the citation above is of the order of one offends, that it wants to say, in a first direction, ‘ ‘ to go beyond ‘ ‘ , beyond the allure of the beauty, of this love without desire. It has then in it offends a relation with the desire in the experience of search of the Real of the truth. If you are not convinced, visit Jack Fusco. The experience of the Sublime one is diverse. Immanuel Kant, in the Critical one of the Judgment (1790), distinguishes two types of Sublime, the mathematician and the dynamic one. The typical example of Sublime mathematician is the vision of the sky covered with star.

It is had impression of that what it is seen the imaginative instinct goes well beyond our sensitivity provoking. Click Jill Schlesinger for additional related pages. Already a Sublime typical example of dynamic is the vision of a storm. What it shakes our spirit is not the impression of an infinite vastness, but yes of an infinite power: here also she is humiliated our sensible nature, of which drift still a time a direction of discomfort, compensated for the feeling of our great moral, against which you are welcome the forces of the nature are valid. 7 CONCLUSION To the end of this article, establishes it distinction enters the geniuses of feeling of the Beauty and the Sublime one under the optics of Friedrich Schiller (1801). The Beauty is an expression of the freedom, but not of that species that raises in them above of the power of the nature. In the Beauty, we feel ourselves free, therefore the sensible instincts are in harmony with the law of the reason. The feeling of the Sublime one is characterized for being mixing. He is composed of a sensation of affliction, who in its higher degree manifest as a chill, and for a joy sensation, that it can arrive at the enthusiasm and, even so is not necessarily a pleasure, widely is preferred by the subtle souls any pleasure.

‘ The Sublime object is of two sorts. We send or it to our intelectiva force and lose in the attempt to form an image and a concept of it, or we send our force to it vital, a power ahead which ours desvanece.’

Pedagogical Games

It is much old a importance of the child to learn having fun itself. It appears with the Greeks and Romans, but she is with FROEBEL cited for HAIDIT (1994) that the games start to be central part of the education, constituting the point most important of its theory. With the sprouting of the new school and the new proposals of education brought by it, the game is each time more used with the purpose to facilitate the pertaining to school tasks. If you are not convinced, visit WhiteWave Foods. The pedagogical games are excellent resources of that the professor will be able to launch hand in the process teach-learning, because they also contribute and they enrich for the intellectual and social development in the child and because he propitiates the relation between partners groups, and, in these relations, we can observe the diversity of behavior of the children to construct strategies for the victory, as well as the relations ahead of the defeat. The professor will be able to use games and tricks as pedagogical resources in the construction of the reading and the writing, to teach to all the contents, being enough to know to use it in the alias process. E, so that the game returns to the professor resulted satisfactory is necessary that: Either interesting and challenging children to decide them; The professor verifies if the game is propitious to the children in accordance with its development and promptitude; The professor gives chance so that all can participate of the principle to the end of the game actively; She allows that the children can auto-evaluate themselves in the end of the game..

The Future

E, reaffirming everything this is necessary that the professor introduces in the classroom diverse games, being that this as Piaget (1945) can be classified in: games of exercise, symbolic and of rules. Although it has this classification of games, proposal for Piaget and Inherlder (1974), these types of games predominate during all playful activity. What it characterizes these types of games? Which is the importance of them for the construction of the knowledge in the school? To answer to these questions is what we will delineate to follow. Games of exercise are first to appear in life of child, that would be in the period of development that Piaget (1936) called of sensrio-engine (first eighteen months of life) e, does not include interventions of rules, what the child executes is simply for the pleasure that finds in the proper activity. Of the games of exercises, the child inherits the imagination, the creativity, to the anticipated experience of the Real and, its sociocultural importance is very great, since, represents the favour, the slightness, to the malice it is in the games or any other situations of the life.

The games of exercises are forms of, to repeat a sequence motor therefore forms to form a habit. E, the habits as Piaget says (1936), are the main form of learning in the first year of life and constitute the base for the future mental operations. The used repetition as parameter in this game is one of the forms of pertaining to school learning and learning for the life. According to Macedo (1997): The exercise games allow the child to face the pertaining to school activities, using the values and the production of knowledge, as an end and not as a way, that is, these help to form futures citizens, citizens who will have to dominate the letters, the numbers and sciences.

Intensive Therapy Infections

The species of Acinetobacter generally are considered not-pathogenic in individuals considered for the medicine as healthful. However, diverse species persist in hospital environments and cause serious infections that threaten the life of patients compromised in reason of low the imunologia, that is, in face of its organic defenses to be susceptible the infections. The specter of the resistance to antibiotics of these organisms together with its capacities of survival become them a threat any type of hospital as he has been observed in occurrences even though in countries highly developed as the United States, for example. An important factor for its high pathogenic potential and with being able of infection is probably an efficient way of horizontal transference of genes, even so this type of action mechanism until the present moment has been only observed in the Acinetobacter baylyi, a species that lives in ground it was never associated with infections. In a work published for diverse doctors in the site with the heading ' ' Profile of Resistance of Acinetobacter Baumannii the Antimicrobialses in the Units of Intensive Therapy and Half-Intensive of the General Hospital of Fortaleza' ' in the year of 2008, in the referring part to the summary of the scientific article he was evidenced that the hospital infections are the most frequent complications of the medical treatment in the Units of Terapia Intensiva (UTI) and Half – Intensive (ITSELF). According to researchers, the bacteria of the Acinetobacter sort, especially Acinetobacter Baumannii, come in recent years gaining importance due to bigger participation in serious infections and to the selected resistance to antimicrobialses. In agreement still with them, the objective of the study was to verify the profile of resistance of cepas of Acinetobacter Baumannii, isolated of clinical samples of patients interned in the General Hospital of $fortaleza (HGF). The bacteria had been isolated in appropriate ways of culture. .

Organic Composite Identification

In the electromagnetic specter, the region of frequency understood between 3 x 1012 Hz and 4,3 x 1014 Hz corresponds to the infra-red ray (IV). When this radiation is absorbed by a organic composition molecule, occurs ' ' deformaes' ' in the linkings between constituent atoms of the composition. The analysis of a specter gotten for absorption in the infra-red ray is of much value for the study and the briefing of the chemical structure of a substance (either gotten it of a medicine, of a vegetal extract, one shows ambient, of a chemical reaction). The region of the specter understood between frequency 4000 cm-1 and 625 cm-1 presents importance for Organic Chemistry. The deformations suffered for the chemical linkings, in result of the absorption in the infra-red ray, are perceived through vibracionais movements in the linkings, which involve angular deformations (in ' ' ngulos' ' of linkings) axial deformations (in the axles of the linkings). Of this form, the movements are found: stretching (symmetrical and anti-symmetrical), shears, twist, wag and rotation. In the Co2 molecule (carbonic gas), are verified angular deformation (= C =) in frequency 667 cm-1, while in the water molecule, occur angular deformation of linkings (H? H) in frequency 1595 cm-1.

Can be verified symmetrical axial deformation in the linkings of (H? H) in 3655 cm-1 and anti-symmetrical in 3755 cm-1. In this last case, in the water molecule, it is calculated that the axial deformation of each linking? H, corresponds to the frequency 3700 cm-1, a value ' ' intermedirio' ' between the two last ones. For Organic Chemistry, it does not interest the analysis ' ' complete and detalhada' ' of specters IV, many bands of absorption are ' ' desconhecidas' ' or they are ' ' desprezadas' ' , however frequencies of absorption of functional groups that matter, in the structural briefing, are taken in consideration, being compared with gotten data of other specters (others techniques) and with one ' ' biblioteca' ' data base of standards previously analyzed.

Ambient Education

Inside of the school effective ways must be found so that each pupil understands the natural phenomena, the actions human beings and its consequence for I obtain, its proper species, the other beings livings creature and the environment. It is basic that each pupil develops its potentialities and adopts personal positions and constructive social behaviors, collaborating for the one construction society socially joust, in a healthful environment. The school inside of the Ambient Education must sensetize the pupil to search values that lead to a harmonious convivncia with the environment and the too much species that they inhabit the planet, assisting it to critically analyze it the principles that have led to the inconsequential destruction of the natural resources and some species. Having the clarity that the nature is not inexhaustible source of resources, its reserves are finite and must be used in rational way, preventing wastefulness and considering the recycling as vital process. That the too much species that exists in the planet deserve our respect. Moreover, the maintenance of biodiversity is basic for our survival. E, mainly, that it is necessary to plan the use and occupation of the ground in the urban and agricultural areas, considering that it is necessary to have worthy conditions of housing, work, transport and leisure, areas destined to the food production and protection of natural resources.

This process of sensitization of the pertaining to school community can foment initiatives that exceed the pertaining to school environment, reaching in such a way the quarter in which the school is inserted as moved away communities more in which pupils, professors and employees inhabit. SOUZA (2000) affirms, also, that the nip of the relations intra and extra-pertaining to school is sufficiently useful in the conservation of the environment, mainly the environment of the school. The participants of the National Meeting of Politics and Methodologies for the Ambient Education (MEC/SEMAM, 1991) had suggested, among others proposals, that the works related to the Ambient Education in the school must have, as objective, the sensitization and the awareness; to search a change mannering; to form a more operating citizen; (…) to sensetize the professor, main promotional agent of the Ambient Education; (…) to create conditions so that, in formal education, the Ambient Education is a continuous and permanent process, through globalizantes actions interdisciplinares and of the instrumentation of the professors; to look to the integration between school and community, objectifying the ambient protection in harmony with the supported development.