Russian Federation

In assessing the Russian Federation is preferable to use methods based on direct correction of money on the values of inflation targets. Moreover, as shown in the work of Professor SPbGIEA PA jacket, inflation has different effects on the quantities of the type of flow (revenue, profit, commissioning funds, etc.) and on the magnitude of such stock (all assets species). In addition, the distortion of various indicators related to the varying conditions of their formation in the accounting system. In accordance with the results of the study design and adjustment of accounting data of various types, necessary for financial and economic estimates and projections should be conducted separately. As the values of inflation indicators, depending on the scope of the company can be used: the price index enterprise vendors, the consumer price index, the values of the base currency devaluation or price index can be calculated for a specific company. 3.

Evaluation of the financial situation of companies in the process of business valuation arises the need for preliminary testing of its financial position. Such testing allows us to obtain important background information about the company being evaluated and perform the calculation of values of the adjustment indicators needed to find the ultimate value of the business. To assess the financial situation of the company must choose a model that allows: to take into account the selected model adjustments to indicators of the impact of inflation; reflect company's financial position at the time of evaluation; establish compliance requirements of the financial condition of the economic security of the company, determine the excess (shortfall) of working capital.

Effective Management

Observations of the day head. In conducting research was struck by the role structure of behavior. Moreover, in the context of mandatory guidelines were six roles: "The researcher"; "Teacher," "surety," "planner," "Caring", "scoffers." The role of "researcher" researcher mainly performs the following actions: 1) maps the mental blocks of subordinates in order to transfer them to change the teacher, and 2) improves your map representations of processes occurring in the enterprise, and these may include checking assignments. As far as they are, what we want? It would be nice to use metamodel and calibration. During calibration characteristic beavertail glance and position observer". Role teacher" subordination usually difficult execute assignment leader in that form he he suggests. It is not typical for his views. He has to step over their beliefs, or to work in a few uncomfortable or unknown to him the form.

The teacher's role – to destroy the belief neekologichnoe subordinate and replace it with a more applicable. Ie, first loosens the old belief, and then propose a new one. Usually, at this stage it is very applicable any verbal strategy. The role of "guarantor" The task of the surety to describe the result that he wants to get from a subordinate, in terms of Wachovia. Let me explain it in detail.

In order to explain the man that he should do well to consider that the human brain does not understand spoken words, he understand images. Images of the easiest to create a trance situation. But what if there is no opportunity or time to direct trans? We need to create a sustainable manner. Image – is not only an image, image. Full image – this is sounds, sensations, images, all these people understand. It is his experience. The entire image of the result can also be called a VAC-result. That is, the visual – auditory – kinesthetic result.

New Technologies

4 Expanding opportunities for the client: client software information it needs – one of the key factors of successful business. Thanks to Internet technology support for clients can be more effective and responsive. Your website must not only contain standard set of information about the company, products or services, but also to ensure effective collaboration between departments of your company, customer and supplier. This in turn will increase the satisfaction consumers, which in turn will increase the profitability of your business. 5 Availability of information: Just a few years ago, the company needed at least a few days in order to bring to customers information about new products or change specifications. Today, thanks to the Internet, you can convey this information in a few hours of its posting on the website. 6 Cost minimization: New Technologies allows a complete transaction process, including: commercial request, offer, procurement, order and invoicing. Simplification of business processes enables companies to significantly reduce costs.

For example: the process transaction via the Internet reduces the cost of procurement of supplies by 5-10%, storage costs by 25 – 50%, and administrative costs of procurement, even up to 70%. 7 Ability to work 24 hours a day: The biggest advantage online-business lies in the fact that it is available 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world for you and for your customers and sales are just around the clock. The actual location of your company has no special values as monitoring the implementation and conduct of transactions carried out through the Internet. 8 Minimum initial investment: To create a Web site does not need a large financial investment. You can found on the Internet a variety of free or inexpensive programs that can help you create a website from scratch. Many business portals provide services for its members to create sites from templates and it is quite inexpensive.

9 Possibility of Globalization: With the Internet you can go global business with minimal investments. There are literally hundreds of vertical and horizontal electronic trading platforms available on the network. These sites allow you for a nominal fee to get access to a large audience of potential customers from all over the world. If your company does not sell via the Internet, then you need to take steps to organize this, to: open a new sales channel to increase competitiveness, expand the market, reduce costs and increase profitability.

MLM Marketing

Important aspects of MLM: An important advantage of mlm business is minimal risk. Due to the fact that joining the ranks of network marketers, the rookie pay a small fee. With this money he acquires a certain number of products company and receives a starter kit documentation. Agree that the risk is minimal. Since the distributor can easily return to their own money invested.

He will only need to sell products that are available on his hands. The essential argument in favor of MLM companies is that you join an existing company, which is decorated on all articles of the law. But at the same time you become a director and an employee in one person, regardless of anyone. Also, do not have to hire staff, and, therefore, to pay wages. It turns out that every party there is a network business autonomously. You will be able, without any obstacles to construct the own business. Another argument for network marketing is the existence of freedom.

You work all you want, in the best of my ability. If you are free to choose what social circle, their potential customers, as well as a place for its activities. You will not be controlled. And you do not have to meet and monitor the activities of their employees. Think about it. Network marketing does not set limits. The ranks of people involved in network business, may enter each. Nobody puts a clear framework for age, gender, ethnicity or religious beliefs. Everyone makes their own business. The following argument in favor of network marketing. Each of us dreams earn a lot. The more the better. Network marketing allows you to make money, it does not limit the amount of income received. The more you work, respectively, to earn more. All in your hands. You work and receive a steady income from online business. In the normal course of business, you can open a business, not only in any one particular city. And other cities, and perhaps countries. From this it follows that the opportunity to travel and meet new interesting people. You can also get a gift from the company in the form of travel in new countries.

Internet Auction

It is no secret that buying goods over the Internet carries certain risks. Especially if you buy something is not in the online store and at auction for ordinary people. And even more you risk your money if the seller is in another city in another country, even on another continent. It was in this situation are bidders ebay. They are separated by thousands of miles, but nevertheless, every day at an auction ebay committed thousands of transactions. Actually distance should not be a hindrance. You can buy a coveted item on ebay without any risk, if you observe a few simple rules.

The first thing that you need to pay attention, entering the bidding for the selected auction on ebay, this reputation seller. Its own system for rating the reliability of ebay auction allows you to instantly see how long a person works at auction, whether it has positive or negative feedback. Best of all, of course, have to deal with proven sellers that are registered at auction a year or more ago, have a positive feedback. If you face a newly seller ebay, you run the risk, and this, at least, a reason to demand a discount. The second, which should cause you have a keen interest in this Lot picture and description. Options "kidalovo" may be several. It is likely that you will receive expenses-paid thing, but it is not what you expected.

Goods should be photographed up close and clear, so you can see all the advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to technology, then carefully read the description, it should be as complete as possible. If the description states that before you have a laptop Dell, two cores and integrated graphics card, it does not hurt to clarify, and in working condition if he is? Maybe the owner simply sells a dead technology for parts. The surest way to protect against fraud on ebay are actually very simple. Use the services of trusted intermediaries. There are companies that work with ebay for many years, know all the pitfalls and the auction for a ridiculous fee will incur all the problems associated with the acquisition of goods auction ebay.