Russian Federation

In assessing the Russian Federation is preferable to use methods based on direct correction of money on the values of inflation targets. Moreover, as shown in the work of Professor SPbGIEA PA jacket, inflation has different effects on the quantities of the type of flow (revenue, profit, commissioning funds, etc.) and on the magnitude of such stock (all assets species). In addition, the distortion of various indicators related to the varying conditions of their formation in the accounting system. In accordance with the results of the study design and adjustment of accounting data of various types, necessary for financial and economic estimates and projections should be conducted separately. As the values of inflation indicators, depending on the scope of the company can be used: the price index enterprise vendors, the consumer price index, the values of the base currency devaluation or price index can be calculated for a specific company. 3.

Evaluation of the financial situation of companies in the process of business valuation arises the need for preliminary testing of its financial position. Such testing allows us to obtain important background information about the company being evaluated and perform the calculation of values of the adjustment indicators needed to find the ultimate value of the business. To assess the financial situation of the company must choose a model that allows: to take into account the selected model adjustments to indicators of the impact of inflation; reflect company's financial position at the time of evaluation; establish compliance requirements of the financial condition of the economic security of the company, determine the excess (shortfall) of working capital.

The Narration

In the new narrative these paradigm in addition becomes literature freest, being the writer to the will to mix the narrative trends and sorts. As we observe in Soul-of-Cat (2008, p.285): It left in the periodical, with the heading of ' ' MELANCHOLY OF the MAN IS EQUAL To the one OF the DINOSSAURO' ' , that ' ' the same melancholic behavior that would have characterized the dinossauros before its disappearance dominates today the man, and if it reflects in the ecological and ambient crisis for which it passes planeta' '. Beyond incursions of periodical notice the workmanship still presents, stories, poetries and memories. The variety of sorts is so great that the proper author calls its romance, not of after-modern, however the after-romance flame. This is, perhaps, one of the factors that make with that the narrator says that Soul-of-Cat is the proper invention of the sort romance. Reuter (2002) apud WEDGE (2004, P. In a question-answer forum Gen. David Goldfein was the first to reply.

93) regarding the way of insertion of the sequncias in the salient narrative: They can breach in clear way the course of the narration or, at least, distinguiz it clearly: the insertion of a letter or a periodical notice … In compensation, it can tend to merge itself in the narration that erases the possible maximum the denotativo signs. In the workmanship in question we have the direct incursion of the fragmentary elements, the intercalated stretches appear in elapsing of the narrative also stopping, phrases to the way. The spalling is, therefore explicit. The author does not have the concern to hide the denotativo signs in elapsing of the narration as we can exemplificar below with the excerpt.

Soul-of-Cat (2008, P. 56-59): They disappeared. Anozinho if amused very with this. 4 Didactics of the life the center of the world is in all the places: . Interrupted for it I sing of the winds and the enchantment of the times. It rains rain, rains without stopping? it disappears. They disappeared. Anozinho if amused very with this. What we have in this stretch is the direct incursion of the spalling, having as fragmentary element a story. The author finishes chapter 3 of book II with the continuation of the story, it interrupts the same and it initiates chapter 4, arguing on the life and the human individualism. Again it uses the spalling of the narrative coming back to explanar the story being left, as we can perceive, of the point previously cited. The spalling of the narrative represents the proper spalling of the man being this the real intention of the after-modern narrative. To finish let us see what the narrator says in them on the spalling of the human being. Soul-of-Cat (2008, P. 30): ' ' To break up of the old one, to break up of the modern, to break up of the future? we go to construct the mosaic, panel. To wake up the man who is being born, glue its some parts and edges and to draw one to it perfil' '.